UAS African Day   2017 Exhibition.

Commencement of the United Africa States (UAS) was declared in 2010 by African leaders in furtherance to the need to galvanize and spread the event across the world. The Africa DAY 2017 in Abuja, Nigeria the New Africa’s World City event is scheduled to hold on the 12th March, 2017. The event with one week exhibition is envisaged to bring together more than five million people across the Africa and the global business community to flag up the UNITED AFRICA STATES (UAS) government for Africa. Considering the importance and interest for UAS in the global comity of nations and indeed African in diaspora, this historic event cannot be complete without your government delegations and participation.

AMAC Affricative Educational Village

This is inclusively institutional related materials, manufacturing, promoters of education services and tertiary institutions products and services for display.

ABAJI – Technology Village:

This is a platform for technology innovations, GSM phones, TV contents, software and computer technology and related display.

BWARI – Arts and Craft Village

This is a Man - Made Village platform for display of painting, textile designs, handicraft, innovative arts and related craft.

KWALI – African Culture and Music Village

This is open to all local governments, districts, provinces to display cultural troupes, attires, drums, dance, song, theatre, native language, writings, books and related African cultural materials.

KUJE – Agriculture Technology Village:

This is a platform for food technology display, agriculture software, machines, implements and equipments, trucks, banking and related services.

GWAGWALADA: Manufacturing and Industrial Village:

This is a platform for manufactured goods, semi-process products and related ancillary services.